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Make Your Laundry Days Easy with This Organization Hack

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Can one ever be finished organizing their residence? Or is it a type of long-haul journeys that by no means ends? If I needed to guess, I’m not the one one who has been reexamining their environment over the previous few months and questioning the identical factor. 

Over the previous yr, I’ve shared how I’ve used OXO group merchandise in a number of totally different rooms in my residence (here, here, and here). All these rooms apart, my relationship with group began within the bed room.

Bear in mind the Marie Kondo craze of late 2018/early 2019 (within the B.C.—earlier than COVID period) when fairly a number of of us had been thanking our socks for his or her service and folding objects into teeny-tiny squares? I relished the act of purging, folding, and organizing. There was a soothing, meditative feeling that went together with a day-long Kondo binge that was very satisfying.

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